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Balad Lamp H.25 cm


Mobile and free! The Balad H25 lamp was designed with a dual ambition in mind: to create a reliable product that would be sleek and attractive in design. This fun, mobile outdoor lamp, which complies with the IP44 and IK10 standards, looks great on the table and can be moved around to your heart’s content – from lounge to garden, and from beach to pool.
And at this price, there’s room for more than one in every home! Its handle, shaped like a set of headphones, reinforces its mobile and quirky design. It’s also a nod to Fermob’s metal know-how. Balad, the outdoor lamp that can be charged with a simple USB cable, has a battery life of around 12 hours, three light temperature settings – candle-type warm white (2300°K), neutral white (4000°K) and cool white (6000°K) – and two brightness settings (100% and 50%).
Product information:

Weight: : 0.53 kg
diffuser : Polyethylene
handle : Aluminium
During charging, the lamp automatically turned off itself in order to protect the lifespan of the Led
361000 – H.25 CM SET (6 colours)
3612 – H.25 CM SET (6 monochrome)
Lighting intensity : 2 neutral white (100% & 50%) + 1 cool white (100%) + 1 candle-style flickering mode + OFF
T° colour : 1 candle-style warm white (2300°K), 1 neutral white (4000°K) and 1 cool white (6000°K)
Technology : LED
Power (Watts) : 0.5 W
Luminous flux : 40 lm
Min. Battery life : 7 h
Max. : 14 h
Rechargeable : 5 h
Type of power supply : USB
Cable (supplied) : 2 m
Controlled with switch
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Ingress protection : IP44
Impact resistance : IK10
CE standard : Yes
FCC standard : Yes
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19-W x 19-L x 25-H cm

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