Il Fiore Rosso

Gois Straight concrete individual chair


Contemporary linear individual Gois chair made of CS | ES concrete (Cast Stone | Engineered Stone) is an architectural concrete reinforced with corrugated steel, stone composition of fine particle size and colour tone close to the final coloration of the object to be concreted, surfaces properly treated with micro-grout – open porosity of the concrete with fine filler, forming a surface free of pores.
• High Resistance to Aging • High resistance to corrosion
• High resistance to compression • Resistant to vandalism
• Resistant to acid rain • Resistant to climacteric variations
• High durability and low maintenance cost • Raw material of controlled and certified origin
• Natural Inert to color and fine-grained • High degree of customization of concrete grout
• Handmade finishing
– Smooth Pigmented/Smooth Painted (Check color chart) –
Sandblasted stone
– Rough Stone
– Polish Shine Stone


  • Height: 112   cm
  • Width:  95.8 cm
  • Lenght: 50 cm
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