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Penelope Lady Light


Penelope Lady

It is inspired to the classic world, but it stands out for its avant-garde functional design, technology and features. Penelope  intends to astonish: for its sizes (2.10 m high), for its design (strongly anthropomorphic, it reproduces a slender styled woman), for its functional features (uniformly enlightened on the entire surface, it represents clearly an important lamp). Its design was inspired by classic statues, decorating villas and gardens in the ancient times, duly reviewed paying attention to modern and remote art (Giacometti echoes or Etruscan arts are easily recognizable). A strongly characterizing lamp for interiors and outside, highly functional as well as made in Polyeasy offering high wash-ability and duration performances with no equals.


  • Diffuser Poleasy
  • Index of protection: IP44 ext
  • Type of lighting: LED 60W
  • Length of power cord: 3.2 m
  • Dimension: 38 W x48 Lx210cm H

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