Il Fiore Rosso

Pure Air Individual Chair

Product Information

Introducing Ultra high performance concrete in unique form of urban street furniture bench created for individual means of space. Self-standing individual chair with anti-grafitti smooth polyurethane finish.

Special Features:

An UHPC formulation, design, moulding process, has been an innovator project conceived in a
co-investigation context, between Industry capabilities and design realizations.
• Weight Reduction to nearly half, as a result of the minimalistic design
• Thickness Reduction until 3X less, do not require minimum frame recover
• High Resistance to Compression, nearly 2X higher
• Water absorption corresponding to half of conventional concretes
• Concrete compacting degree 2X higher, due to reduction of voids.
• Inexistence of frame oxidation risks, by the inexistence of oxidizable elements
• High Resistance to Aging, inexistence of mass loss in frost and defrost cycles.
• Resistance to Abrasion, 1.6X higher than conventional concrete.
• Reproduction Ability of fine textures and unique geometries
– Pigmented smooth concrete / painted smooth


  • Height: 40cm
  • Width:  60cm
  • Lenght: 200cm
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