Il Fiore Rosso

Red Cedar Pergola

Product Information

  • Natural qualities of Western Red Cedar make it an excellent choice for a wide range of building projects both inside the home and outside the home.Pergolas have been adding character, elegance and value to outdoor living spaces and gardens for years. These stylish wooden structures are practical projects that can be built in a single weekend. Spring is an ideal time to consider outdoor architectural upgrades, like a pergola, as your appreciation for the effort will increase as plants grow and flowers bloom around it.You may have seen pergolas and called them trellises or arbors. Like a trellis or arbor, a pergola can support vines or climbing roses and are often used as covered or open-roof gateways to homes, paths or gardens. Like a free-standing arbor, a pergola also can filter light with its canopy and bring everyday elegance to your yard or garden.


  • Customize size as per request
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