Il Fiore Rosso

Round Light – ES-B0


Let the glowing ball illuminate in your favorite color with a choice of 16 colours accessible on the remote. Want more? Create a blending light show with the gradual colour changing option to bring a mystic aura of beautiful illumination. Add more funk with the strobe and flash modes, creating a statement to liven up any garden party.


  • 1).Material: PE plastic
    2).Color: 16 color change
    3).Control: switches with remote control
    4).Charging hrs:4-6 hrs. Working hrs:8-12 hrs.
    5).Battery:800-2000 (mAh) Recharge Li-Battery
    6).Waterproof: IP65 DC plug recharge


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15cm diameter, 25cm diameter, 30cm diameter, 40cm diameter, 50cm diameter, 60cm diameter