Il Fiore Rosso

Solara Trash bin

Product Information

  • Creating a cleaner environment with solar-powered trash bins when placing garbage in the dustbin, garbage sensing and open the door quickly command and control system, avoid the waste and direct contact of the possible pollution sources, and convenience of rubbish put in.
  • Litter Bin using solar power, energy conservation, environmental protection, sunlight during the day to the dustbin, light energy into electrical energy, excess energy automatically archived into the battery, solar energy power supply mode is a kind of green environmental protection and recyclable power supply mode
  • Intelligent automatic compression system, can automatically detect the degree of overflowing garbage, compression system solved the general dustbin to capacity limitations, heard intelligent compression allows the bin has more capacity, reduce the number of sanitation workers collect garbage


Length: 85 cm

Width: 75 cm

Height: 160 cm

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