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U-Tubo Litter bin

Product Information

The fifty-liter cylindrical litter bin combines two types of covering with or without a lid. The Tubo litter bin can be customized in many different spaces.

With Ashtray :The Tubo litter bin with lid, with wooden casing, is also produced in variation with an ashtray.


In the case of the wooden casing, we used 40x20mm laths with a minimum gap around the casing circumference. It’s not the cheapest solution, but the litter bin gets its elegance and remains really cylindrical. The shelter opens upwards and is lockable with a key.

It is particularly true for the metal litter bin. The number of steel rounds that make up the casing is exactly two times that of the wooden laths. The litter bin is very durable due to the steel rounds, but still looks subtly and airy. The eccentrically positioned square leg allows for placement in different places and facilitates cleaning under the litter bin.

Weight: Wooden litter bin without lid 19.7kg, wooden one with lid 24kg, metal one without lid 24.6 kg, metal one with lid 28.9 kg, wooden litter bin with lid and ashtray 25.8 kg.

Internal bin volume: 50l


80x40mm steel square tube leg, with lid made from a bent steel sheet. Casing of metal litter bin made of ø8mm steel rounds.

Hot-dip galvanized or painted with facade powder coating according to the RAL sampler on hot-dip zinc.

The colour of the powder coating according to our RAL sampler. Other colours on request.

Inner bin made of galvanized sheet steel.

Litter Bin Casing

40x20mm laths made of acacia wood.

Wood in two variations – treated with protective finishing glaze or without it. Finishing glaze colour according to OSMO sampler.


  • 380 * 400 *880
  • 400 *416 *1030
  • 355 *390 *880
  • 400 *416 *1030
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