Il Fiore Rosso

Z Solar Bench

Product Information

  • It has three USB Quick Charge ports as standard, which will allow you to charge every mobile device regardless of the time of day or night. We also took care of proper lighting of the bench, which switches on automatically after sunset.As additional equipment we offer: Wi-Fi module with high-speed internet, wireless charger and bluetooth speaker. Photon can be additionally equipped with a music module with internal memory. Tracks are triggered by pressing the appropriate, vandal-proof button. For deaf people, an induction loop with a music player is provided.The bench works completely autonomously. Photovoltaic panels work independently, such solution eliminates the problem of shading modules on a given section of the bench. The construction is made of carbon or stainless steel, wood and tempered glass. Durable materials and well thought-out design guarantee very high resistance to external conditions and trouble-free operation for a long time.


  • Length: 270 cm
  • height: 73 cm
  • height without backrest: 45 cm
  • width: 66 cm


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